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7 EXCEPTIONAL VOICES STILL UNKNOWN! - you need to know those independent Artists!

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

going through some emotions and need the right music? But you are tired of all the mainstream songs on the radio? Well, this List is perfect for you then! Here are some extremely beautiful and amazing female & male Singer / Songwriters I immediately fell in love when I first heard them: Check 'em out! 1. Jessie Reyez I don't know if you already heard of Jessie Reyez, but she is not completely discovered yet! Even Artists like Eminem or Billie Eilish started loving and collaborating with her! Well, when I first heard her Songs "Figures" and "Gatekeeper" I completely fell in looove! Definitely check her out if you didn't already!

2. Ulysses and the Sea sooo beautiful! I absolutely adore this Song and so surprised not many people know it!

3. Mae Muller

this girl is absolute FIRE! still super unknown, but check her Songs "Flaws", "Maybe", "Leave it Out" out! Such a unique Voice...

4. Joy Crookes

I'm so in love with this gal! When I heard the Songs "Man's World" and "No Hands" I can't help myself but hear to them at least once a week!!!

5. Joel Culpepper

this guyyyy... just so amazing and so much power! Can't wait till he brigs out some more music!

6. Jonathan Roy also this guy, -such a talent! just wow... Definitely check him out!! I'm so stoked

7. Charlotte Cardon

I started listening to her already quite some years ago and can't believe that she still isn't that known... Once I heard her Song "Dirty Dirty" and "Big Boy" I fell in love with her Style of performing & voice!

8. Tash Sultana

OK this girl is just CRAZY talented! She is doing everything! Writing, recording, mixing, etc.! She's just incredible!

9. Alice Chater

Alright, and this is my new, most recent favorite girl crush! She is a natural, born performer, dancer and singer and I believe she is gonna be BIG in some years, if not months! First Will i.am "discovered" her and directly flew her out to LA to record some Tunes, now Iggy Azalea discovered her and immediately collaborated with her on the Song "Lola" published 2 weeks ago! She's still starting out, but has soo much potential. I'm in love with her and so excited to see where her career will develop over the near future!!!

Which one did you enjoy most? Did you know already one or some of these?? Do YOU have good Indie - Artist Recommendations you want to share with the world and wished more people knew about?? PLEASE SHARE IN THE COMMENTS!

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