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3 International artistic Movies no one knows about

1. Night on Earth (1991)

An absolute delight of a gem starring a young Winona Ryder as well as an amazing cast. Arguably Jim Jarmusch’s best film, it tells the story of 5 different places at night from the perspective of cab drivers and their passengers: Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Rome, and Helsinki. It’s really hard to pick a favorite among the stories, from a messy tomboy having to deal with a busy businesswoman, to a blind woman in Paris making a frustrated driver from Ivory Coast go insane. But look out for Helmut and Yo-Yo, from the New York story. I’ve rarely seen anything in film as fun as their story.

2. Solaris (1972)

Based on the visionary novel from Polish author Stanislaw Lem, Solaris follows a psychologist sent to a faraway space station to investigate the cause of the crew's sudden insanity. Buckle in, this one gets a little trippy.

3. Wild Tales

Six vignettes that test the limits of psychotic human extremes are masterfully woven with layers of irony and satire. Each story begins in a relatable situation, but the characters propel themselves into an incomprehensible circumstance. Lovers of dark comedy will be delighted, shocked, and awed by this emotional thrill ride all while laughing their asses off. Truly, nothing more needs to be said about this film, so sit back and let the insanity ensue.

________________________________________________________________________________ Did you know or watch any of these??? What are your most favorite international unknown movies?? Please feel free to share in the comments!!

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